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MID-TERM Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MID-TERM - Assignment Example The model of partners utilizes the principles of brain science and philosophy together for the achievement of truth. My own epistemology underpins individual experience. Individual experience is most pertinent on the grounds that it assists with relating the hypothesis with the commonsense and considering the present situation where it gets fundamental to relate the encounters of existence with the profound hypothesis; it benefits most in directing and otherworldly mending. Sharing is the genuine characteristic of a Christian and that can be achieved through sharing individual experience. For instance, when I was enduring gigantic otherworldly emergency after a specific individual misfortune, with sharing and joining network that revels into petition, I discovered back my profound self and in benevolence, I discovered back my own soul. I comprehended the intensity of profound talk during the period which is additionally named as Christian advising.. The two books as per Entwistle are those that show crafted by God and the expressions of God. Brain research manages crafted by the God and Theology with the expression of the God. By and by, a decent mix of both the space can have any kind of effect in one’s life and as a Christian advocate the accomplishment of the best sort of work can be accomplished through deciphering and incorporating both the books to provide food best outcome to our customers. Any contention between both the spaces should be obviously settled before executing it. There is a meager line among good and bad yet as Entwistle has portrayed in the book concerning the occasions from individual life, correspondingly mixing Theology with Psychology and placing them into the domain of otherworldliness, it turns out to be simple for anybody to accomplish the best of Christian advising. Be that as it may, right or wrong will consistently stay to be relative, yet a few models from genuine can be utilized as a sort of propelling element. Hypothesis of personhood alludes to the Christian hypothesis where the person in social

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Fashion and Architecture Free Essays

The natural structure can be seen and thought of as a machine, a vehicle, each piece great as a building. Along these lines it could be expressed that dressing of a single gives a meaning of individual boundless as do compositional developments however they are greater in graduated table. Way and design have numerous associations: the two of them plan to â€Å" do † cover for the individual and mirror our gustatory sensation. We will compose a custom paper test on Style and Architecture or on the other hand any comparative theme just for you Request Now In this develop, it is broadly acknowledged that way and engineering connection began with the soonest work powers who utilized a similar stuff for their vesture and for lodging/cover. This relationship has lead nearer associations between the two subjects, for example, both Fieldss have commonalties in their plan strategy which makes them partition similar limits: Both planners and way inside decorators mean to make great, comfortable and wonderful signifiers for the human natural structure. On the different manus, Architecture and Fashion contrast from various perspectives, for example, Fashion is unavoidable to perish in shorter clasp than design, it is identified with littler graduated table, and most fundamentally, Fashion is progressively about selling and ingestion while Architecture is grand and identifies with interminability. These distinctions entirely make a yarn of commodification and commercialization for Architecture. Design goes about as a creator of boundless, for example , it goes about as an emblematic similitude and a specialist of the general public ‘s social qualities. Since the external unending mirrors our inside infinites, this commodification and commercialization may take Architecture to lose its crucial the cultural life. Accordingly this work proposes that Architecture ought to get occupied with human infinites, customs and social estimations of the general public, maintainability, limitlessness, and respectability of the life, rather th an temporalty of way. This Master ‘s Dissertation intends to look into the connection among Architecture and Fashion from reasonable, creative mind, materiality and planetary positions. This overview suggests that in today ‘s very globalized universe, it is about difficult to design engineering separate from way since both humanistic orders are antiphonal to the people ‘ and the social orders ‘ development and condition. From a calculated perspective, both Architecture and Fashion address mental perceptual encounters, and spacial developments. From the creative mind †visual situation of point, both humanistic orders mirror the gustatory vibe of the people who possess those infinites, and from the materiality setting, Architecture and Fashion share numerous for all intents and purpose, for example, utilization of fabrics and stuffs, use of building, and from the planetary purpose of position, both humanistic orders and imaginative people in these Fieldss get an opportunity to c onnect intimately with one another in especially socially antiphonal, progressively manageable, and practical structure. The work embarks to inquire about the capacity of Fashion in Architectural structure and visa verse from exploratory and interpretative positions, indicating starter discoveries from the writing study, visual stuffs, pronunciamento of the inside decorators, and individual perceptions and readings. This review contrasts from the old surveies as in albeit a significant part of the writing discovers that the connection among Fashion and Architecture is about an absolute necessity and unavoidable occurring, and they propose nearer connections, this study suggests that this reality makes a peril for Architecture to go from conceptualization and to go towards business and commodification. As such, engineering turns into a buyer creation, rather than the perusing of the interminable. This theory is additionally evolved to design our â€Å" Fashionable Hut † . Compositionally, we intend to represent the immortal design customized orchestrating to the opportunity of the advanced age. Presentation The halting point connection among Architecture and Fashion ( from now on An A ; F ) is much of the time alluded to the use of a similar stuff for covering of his natural structure and for developing asylum of the most punctual grown-up male. The ongoing display on this relationship Skin + Bones ( 24 April †10 August 2008 ) has other than investigated a few equal examples between these two subjects from 1980s to onwards. These examples included computerized plan methodology, use of complex geometry, hues, lines, noticeable radiations, and so forth. Globalization, which is broadly acknowledged as the advancements in building, particularly travel and imparting offices, empowered both An A ; F to grow more prospects in plan and flexibleness in application. Hence one of the reasons for this proposal is to inquire about the normal highlights and interrelatedness among Architecture and Fashion in a planetary build. Truth be told, this idea has emerged from the perception of equal deve loping of materiality and assignment in way and engineering structures and executions. On the different manus, as this maestro ‘s proposal boss articulation recommends, these nearby synergisms between the two subjects may make the danger of commodification and commercialization in engineering and rather than a political direction, design may go a customer stock. The ground for this idea is that way is promoting of want while engineering is great ; way is bound to expire in a short clasp, while creators point interminability by means of their melodic structures ; and most altogether, way is a device for fall ining to the general public, being a part of it while design gives privateness, for example detachment from the rest of the universe. Our central explanation is that, the halting point connection between An A ; F, could make a peril for design cut bringing down the building political direction to the confronting and outside picture, only. Sing to the connection between An A ; F, we take calculated, visual-symbolism, and present day †period of globalization assaults to examine the synergistic and harsh connection between the two Fieldss. In the theoretical geographic campaign, the builds of excellence and its connection to engineering will be preeminent investigated so as to occur out way ‘s and designs basic reason to make the lovely or flawless asylum and home for the person. From the reasonable purpose of position, both An A ; F mirrors the gustatory sensation, uniqueness, and human progress of the individual and the general public at a given period. Nonetheless, this period is extraordinarily short for Fashion contrasted with the unendingness of engineering. â€Å" If way is the etymological correspondence of engineering, way speaks to the wide †and †whirling social flows that structure and direct that phonetic correspondence † says Rybczynski, â€Å" design notoriety, each piece great as engineering goes ahead the way ‘s influence. In this manner, at its generally essential, â€Å" the strategic design is utilization of a way on an unbounded so as to show our gustatory sensation ‘ . On the singularity side, the way framework, as portrayed by Barthes ( 1983, 277 ) is a â€Å" social article, with its ain unique development, and likely, with another conclusiveness†¦ through the semantic correspondence which from now on assumes responsibility for it, Fashion becomes story † . Thusly way controls the visual etymological correspondence as an organization of mirroring the singularity of people specifically, and the human advancement of the general public all in all while design, from a more extensive perspective goes past draw stringsing the visual phonetic correspondence, yet is increasingly complex in footings of pull stringsing the build of the entire interminable. Way is somewhat a consideration of the corporate distinction of a given gathering, for example, same sex, age gathering, word related gathering, etc, while design is for everybody in a given society. While way is formed by the people, design shapes the general public through the spacial appli cations. In sum, way can be depicted as the mass of the natural structure while engineering is simply the natural structure and the home environing that natural structure. On the visual and symbolism assault, An A ; F divide more in like manner, especially with the improvements in stuff and computerized strategies, for example, innovative textures, fictile building stuffs, processing machine helped structure ( CAD ) bundle, what not. One typically found out cutting edge truth that engineering and way are both lolling the utilization of fictile and adaptable stuffs which empowers originators, for example, Zaha Hadid and Rem Koolhass to get unsettling methods from the way inside decorators and way inside decorators, for example, Lucy Orta and Yeohlee Teng acquiring from the develop of urban unbounded and lastingness from planners However, these appropriations today are watched so frequently that it holds a peril for design to be diminished to come up, and the amicability between the external and inward of the development is about lost ( this will be more distant investigated and talked about in the globalization build ) . From the cutting edge position, a few issues will be investigated: It can be said that advanced age conditions, for example, registering machine supported structures, adaptable and enduring stuffs, building and imparting offices which are accessible going to everybody known to mankind as compelling components Fashion, Architecture and other logical order and workmanship developments communicate better than those in the days gone by. The cutting edge age is, of class, non without employments: ecological issues, constrained beginnings (, for example, vitality and H2O ) , planetary warming, in-movement and social equality, etc. Concerning this, it is watched

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How to Design and Execute a Backlinking Strategy that Works

How to Design and Execute a Backlinking Strategy that Works SEO professionals have many strategies available to them to increase the visibility of their websites/pages in search, including content and inbound marketing, proper use of meta data, and backlinking strategy. The latter is one of the more prevalent methods of building search engine visibility, but it is often misunderstood and/or misapplied. Backlinking is key to white hat, gray hat, and black hat strategies, and indeed, speaks to the heart of how search engines index and evaluate websites.No matter what set of strategies an SEO professional eventually settles on, nor whether they are handling SEO in-house or outsourcing it, it is important to understand what backlinking is and how can it affect SERP and other measures of SEO success. © | Rawpixel.comIn this article, we will cover 1) what backlinking is and how it affects SEO; 2) inorganic vs. organic backlinking; 3) designing a backlinking strategy that works; and 4) notes on executing your backlinking strategy.WHAT IS BACKLINKING AND HOW DOES IT AFFECT SEO?Backlinking is the process of obtaining links to one’s website in order to improve overall search visibility. Moz, a leading software firm identifies three types of backlinks:Natural Links: Others give these links to websites without any action taken by the website’s owners. For example, a newspaper reports on a corporation and includes a link in on their website to the corporation’s website.Outreach Links: Outreach links are those that SEO practitioners try to obtain through direct action. These are the basis of many backlinking strategies.Self-Created Links: These are links that SEO practitioners can place on third-party websites for SEO purposes.Fundamentally, search engines use prog rams called spiders or crawlers, which travel from link to link online, indexing and evaluating what they find. Using proprietary ranking algorithms, these programs assess the popularity and relevance of websites and webpages on a continuous basis.Early on in search history, crawler algorithms assumed that the more linking to a particular website, the more popular that website must be. This led to SEO practitioners employing a variety of tactics to garner a large number of links to their webpage. In many cases, these links were low quality â€" stemming from irrelevant sites. In some cases, SEO practitioners created new websites designed for no other purpose than to provide links to the websites the SEO practitioners were trying to promote.The major search engines grew wise to this and incorporated an emphasis on the quality of links, as well as natural links (see below). Today the exact degree to which the quality and quantity of backlinks affects SERP is unknown. However, search en gines have publicly stated that backlinks do matter quite a bit.When assessing backlink quality, search engines consider:RelevanceThis refers to how often the site itself earns (or SEO practitioners obtain for it) new backlinks, as well as the variety and quality of the sites from which the backlinks stem. More value is assigned to the rate of natural backlinks obtained than outreach or self-created backlinks.Trust rankOne aspect of search engine algorithms is the capacity to “trust” certain domains with histories of not harboring spam. How a website domain ranks as far as a search engine’s trust system is an important part of link quality assessment.Anchor textAnchor text refers to text that a URL displays other than its web address. These internal links can heighten the visibility of particular webpages and even websites.Link neighborhoodSearch engines assess not just the domains linking to a site but where those domains themselves link to. In this way, they can better asses s the quality of the backlink, and in turn make a determination about the quality of the site.Local/topic-specific link popularityAlong with link neighborhood, crawlers assess how popular a link is within its “neighborhood” of links related by topic, and by common location. SEO practitioners can optimize branded keywords in links and push sharable link-enriched content to increase their popularity.Overall link popularityFundamentally, websites that are more popular are always going to enjoy more natural links than those that do not. Once search engines weed out spam links and unnatural links, they do assess the quantity of backlinks a website has.Social distributionCrawlers also assess the distribution of links shared on social networks. These links are not treated the same as backlinks for ranking purposes by the major search engines, as it is simply too easy to generate them. However, search engines do pay attention to how widely branded keywords, content and links are shared on these networks.INORGANIC VS. ORGANIC BACKLINKINGAll backlinks a firm tries to obtain should be diverse, authoritative, and relevant. Firms and websites may develop organic backlinks through the course of natural operations, such as publishing content or PR activities. These are known as organic backlinks (what Moz refers to as natural backlinks).Firms may also obtain backlinks from link exchanges and purchases, from a variety of sites that are not necessarily a fit for your content/website. These are known as inorganic backlinks. These can be either outreach or self-created links. These typically have less value than organic backlinks in search assessments of website popularity and relevance.Search engines occasionally modify their algorithms to penalize those websites with high numbers of inorganic backlinks. For example, in 2011, Google released Google Panda â€" an update to its search algorithm designed specifically to diminish the search visibility of low-content, low-quality websites. Many sites designed solely for SEO purposes, such as link directories, suffered a steep decline in their search rankings. Others that used a number of black hat strategies, such as duplicate content, saw similar declines.Obtaining organic backlinks takes time, but the results of this strategy are sustainable over time. Websites with large quantities of organic backlinks are largely immunized from updates like Panda.DESIGNING A BACKLINKING STRATEGY THAT WORKSThe basis of a good backlinking strategy is a good content marketing strategy. SEO practitioners should strive to produce content that others share and distribute, as well as to which they create backlinks. This white hat strategy, known as content marketing, is the best way to create backlinks over time. A highly effective subset of content marketing â€" inbound marketing â€" involves the development of content that drives traffic back to the website through backlinks. While inbound marketing is used more directly for increasing traffic than increasing a website’s position in search engine results, search engines do also evaluate overall traffic in website SEO assessments. Moreover, increased traffic can increase the likelihood of a website obtaining natural backlinks from users.To design and execute a strong content marketing strategy, SEO practitioners should involve marketers and copywriters to create a steady stream of compelling and current content aligned with both the firm’s brand standards and SEO goals. These content developer should create a content roadmap, a document that outlines what, when, and how content is to be created. Content should be developed that can generate enough interest to elicit organic backlinks, as well as that incorporates backlinks in the content itself. The marketers and SEO practitioners should consider both the channel’s marketing ROI and SEO ROI, and schedule content distribution to not only achieve marketing goals but also SEO trends as well.Public re lations (PR) can greatly enhance SEO efforts. PR involves increasing the public profile of a firm in both offline and online media channels. PR professionals are looking to get the firm’s product mentioned in The New York Times and other major news outlets, industry publications, major blogs, and everywhere else that is feasible. SEO practitioners should incorporate their organization’s PR departments into SEO efforts, because PR practitioners can become a great source of outreach and self-created backlinks. Their efforts can also increase the likelihood of the organization obtaining organic backlinks Great sources of PR-related backlinks include:Help A Reporter Out (HARO)This free service connects reporters in need of quick expert commentary with agency and in-house PR professionals. PR professionals can work to ensure that the reporters provide a relevant backlink to their organization’s website.Press release syndicationMany press release syndication services, such as PRWeb or PRNewswire, can provide a great source of backlinks (and, of course, PR). Syndication allows the press release to live on a number of websites, providing backlinks from a variety of different domains, without the content creator being penalized for duplicate content.Guest blog postsThis provides a great way to increase a brand’s exposure and build credibility, as well as generate a solid backlink. The higher the visibility of the blog, the better the quality of the backlink.Co-sponsored/branded events/initiativesMicrosites used to promote co-sponsored events and/or initiatives can provide a strong source of backlinks. While these sites themselves may not have the time to develop high search rank on their own, if they are on subdomains of well-established domain names, they (and by extension backlinks stemming from them) may be assessed highly in terms of quality.Social network profilesMany social network profiles proffer nofollow links only, to prevent their abuse for SEO uses. Dofollow backlinks can be obtained from the social media profiles of YouTube, HubPages, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Reddit, and LinkedIn.Online review sitesProduct/service testimonials on third-party consumer reporting sites can provide a good source of quality backlinks (and good PR, assuming a well-reviewed product/service).Link DirectoriesOnce the go-to source for backlinks, link directories â€" webpages that aggregate and categorize links for SEO purposes, no longer hold the same SEO boost they once did. These sources of unnatural links however can help only if those are televant link directories.TestimonialsSEO practitioners can send product reviews to firms for use on their websites and include a backlink. Many firms will add the testimonial, complete with backlink, just to show off consumer appreciation of their product.Website feedback sitesWebsites that provide feedback on the design or layout of other websites can be a good, easy source of dofollow links.InfographicsInfog raphics are a very popular source of content, often making up the entirety of blog posts. Consider tapping marketing/research/PR to create infographics on current topics, post them, share them, or offer them to third-parties. Make sure to embed a backlink.These are just some of the ways to incorporate backlinking strategies into a solid content marketing plan. Once a firm has planned and begun to execute its content strategy, they must regularly assess the impact of published and distributed content on overall SEO (using an analytics program like Web Analytics), and course-correct if/where necessary. Just as channels and content were determined by looking at both marketing and SEO goals, adjustments should be made with marketing goals in mind as well.Depending on one’s SEO goals, practitioners may need to improve website visibility quickly. Black hat and gray hat approaches may ramp up a website’s search engine rankings relatively quickly. Many of these techniques incorporate so me aspects of backlinking. For example, SEO practitioners can create what are known as link pyramids â€" which are websites solely designed to provide backlinks to other sites. Hidden links â€" backlinks that are invisible to humans, can be placed on link pyramids, and doorway pages â€" pages solely designed to redirect visitors to other pages, as well as in widgets. For practitioners with a sizable budget, buying competitor websites to either delete them or provide a source of backlinks, may be an option. Nevertheless, practitioners may suffer significant decreases in ranking, and even be delisted, for excessive use of these techniques.NOTES ON EXECUTING YOUR BACKLINKING STRATEGYWhether one chooses white hat, gray hat, or black hat SEO strategies, SEO practitioners should consider a few fundamental things when designing and executing a backlinking strategy.Properly oversee SEO vendorsWhen obtaining the services of a third-party firm to design and execute SEO strategies, a firm shou ld have a clear idea of how the firm will execute the plan. The firm, not the vendor will suffer any punitive measures proffered by search engines (not to mention potentially be liable for damages, should the firm implement illegal black hat tactics). Understand that firms guaranteeing high organic rankings are likely either overselling themselves or do not understand SEO.Consistently add backlinks over timeSudden spikes in backlinks signal to search engines that a website’s owners purchased backlinks. This may lead to the purchasing organization’s website being penalized.Optimize anchor tags with keyword rich contentThese internal links can have a significant SEO impact on internal webpages. However, don’t overdo this. Doing though, even inadvertently, will be read by most search engines as black hat SEO, and may net penalties.Obtain backlinks from a variety of relevant sourcesIf all backlinks stem from one or two sources, search engines assume that the website in question is not relevant.Don’t forget socialMany SEO practitioners only think of backlinking strategies as relates to the major search engines. Social networks have their own search engines, some of them quite robust. YouTube’s search engine, for example, is more heavily searched than Yahoo. Backlinking on social networks that offer no follow links should be assessed in terms of potential for growing and increasing traffic both to branded social channels and to the corporate website, which itself is assessed by search engines for SEO purposes. Backlinks should also be added wherever possible on socially sharable content.There’s more to SEOBacklinking is just one of many strategies, and should be used just as judiciously as the others.

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Costa Rica Culture Paper - 2043 Words

Ever wanted to go south to a Latin American country? Well there is plenty to choose from but my best pick of where to go would be to this little, beautiful country culturally and physically, called Costa Rica. You don t believe me, huh? Decide for yourself. Costa Rica s general information Costa Rica is currently at the population of 4,500,000. The national territory is 31,682 square miles. If you compare that to size of the United States at 3.79 million square miles, its a very small piece of land. The capital is San Jose located in almost the middle of the country. Spanish is the official language, like many of the other surrounding countries. Their currency is called colon which was named after Christopher Columbus. Catholic is†¦show more content†¦Afro-Caribbean music like rumba, calypso and reggae are popular. In most of Costa Rica, ancient instruments like ocarinas are being replaced by international instruments like accordions and guitars. There are still folk styles, outside of Guanacaste, such as the Talamanca s Danza de los Huelos and the Boruca s Danza de los Diablitos. Guanacaste is the major regin for Costa Rican folk music, especially pre-Columbian styles like the Danza del Sol and Danza de la Luna of the Chorot ega, who also made popular the ancient quijongo (a single-string bow and gourd resonator) and native oboe, the chirimia. Costa Rica s population never developed a major rhythm or style that became a major part of popular music, and Costa Rica has not produced a great literary or other artistic tradition. There have been exceptions, such as the Costa Rican landscape school of painting in the 1920s. In the late 1980s local artists and bands became famous for having their own original material, such as Josà © Capmany, Cafà © con Leche and Inconsciente Colectivo; some of them had fans from outside of Costa Rica, like Editus, a Grammy winning contemporary jazz ensemble. At that time a popular Latin genre developed, chiqui-chiqui as it was known, led by bands such as Los Hicsos and La Banda. Chiqui-chiqui was a commercial approach to music and soon disappeared. From the late 90 s to present time, there has emerged a newer rock style led by bands such as Gandhi, Evolucià ³n, AlmaShow M oreRelatedCosta Rica: The Accidental Green Tourist3597 Words   |  15 PagesGeneral Problem/Issue Costa Rica is labeled as one of the green countries in the world. It has faced its fair share of environmental concerns going back to when it was the number one producer of beef for McDonald’s in the 1970s. The country experienced extreme deforestation as a result of the increased cattle grazing. Since then, Costa Rica has managed to move away from deforestation through efforts of forest conservation, nature reserves, and national parks. It has used ecotourism as a tool, andRead MoreCosta Rica And Realism : Is There A Major Flaw Within Realism?2123 Words   |  9 PagesCosta Rica Realism Is There a Major Flaw Within Realism? According to realism, we live in a world of anarchy oftentimes shaped by conflict, driven by self-protection, and characterized by a decisive lack of trust; and yet, counter intuitively there are several countries, some in high conflict areas, which do not have armed forces. How and why do these countries succeed and does this create a flaw within the schema of realism? Some countries such as Costa Rica, Haiti, and Granada underwent demilitarization;Read MoreEconomics Of Latin Americ Costa Rica3079 Words   |  13 PagesHillard 04/21/2015 Economics of Latin America: (Costa Rica) Costa Rica is bordered by Nicaragua and Panama in the Northwest part of Latin America. The population is 4.77 million as of December 2014, with an unemployment rate of 10 percent. The currency for Costa Rica is the Costa Rica Colon (CRC) and the exchange rate to the dollar is 539.3 2014 CRC per US dollar (WFB). Although their economy is growing, with a 5 percent growth rate in 2006, Costa Rica s public infrastructure has been a huge problemRead MoreThe Simulation Project3665 Words   |  15 PagesAirways Group is identified as a least admired company on all eight attributes identified by the research and surveys performed by Hay Group (Best amp; worst in..., 2006). As the name implies US Airways Group operates in the Airline industry. This paper will discuss how government regulations, hard and soft technologies, some political-legal barriers, sociocultural factors and two economic theories that are faced by US Airways Group are affected by their domestic and global environments. It will alsoRead MoreThe Politics Of Latin America3816 Words   |  16 Pagesas a visionary solution to put a stop to the abuse of power. This paper analyzes whether or not democracy has been consolidated in Latin America. The factors include both racial inequality and the political regimes having a great influence in the consolidation of democracy in Latin America. The analysis utilizes a comparison analysis of the three countries Costa Rica, Bolivia, and Ecuador. There are countries such as Costa Rica who are labeled the forefront of democracy in Latin American whileRead MoreCommodity Chain Paper : Banana Republic1707 Words   |  7 Pages Commodity Chain Paper: Banana Republic A Paper Presented to Dr. Jennifer Anderson In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for ANTH 115 Emerging Global Cultures By Miguel Huerta October 14, 2015 Word Count: 1706 Banana is a commodity that is widely used worldwide. Bananas are neither too extravagant, nor too expensive meaning that anyone and any level of socio-economic status can purchase them, from the very poor to the very wealthy. Bananas can be found at any brand name store, farmersRead MoreEssay on Recruitment and Selection Strategy4954 Words   |  20 PagesCentral America; therefore, they have created a business unit that will be in Costa Rica, from where marketing and sales activities will take place,† (Apollo Group, 2011). [The citation for a direct quote needs the page number] . What are the key qualifications for a person filling the position? Key Qualifications To implement the new direction of expansion of Harrison Corporation’s business unit into Costa Rica, there are five key positions that need fulfilling. Those positions areRead MoreThe Principle Of Marketing 205 Essay1268 Words   |  6 Pages Melissa Smart Principle of Marketing 205 Global Company Michelle Boddy â€Æ' In this paper, I have researched to find out how this grant empire has become and remain so successful. I found out that one of the reasons is because it has been able to maintain the goals and standards that its owner, Mr. Sam Walton has built it upon. Even after his death, Wal-Mart continues to expand and grow in other countries. Wal-Mart is considered one of the top ten global companies today. Mr. Walton’s mainRead MorePanam A Unique Country1540 Words   |  7 PagesPanama into the all-inclusive art based culture it is today. Panama is in love with its art. There are many museums in Panama, but the best is Musco del Hombre Panameno. Panama has a number of writers producing short stories, novels, and poetry. The official language of Panama is Spanish, so most of the writers write in this language. Panama s culture is actually specifically Spanish, but it is a hybrid of African, Native Panamanian, and the European cultures as well. There are also many indigenousRead More Ecotourism in South American Countries Essay3767 Words   |  16 Pageslands are exploiting cultures that have survived for centuries on their own. South America is a continent that possesses rich indigenous culture that is still relatively untouched by outsiders. Americans have the ability to preserve that heritage through organized efforts to encourage certain types of visitors to indigenous areas to create an economy that will take the place of potential mining, logging, and ranching enterprises. That economy is ecotourism. The following paper displays some of

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Educating Volunteer With The Elderly - 1744 Words

In my home town they have started two very well known organizations that were designed to help the children in the community. These two organizations are known as Kids First and WeCare. The heads of these organizations hold silent auctions, radio auctions, and clothes and food drives to donate to families within the community who are not able to afford to purchase these items on their own budgets. There are to girls who decided that they wanted to help the lower income families within our community and within their own school systems. These two girls, who happen to be sisters, started a coat and blanket drive to host at their school which they hold every year. They simply ask the other students to bring in their old coats that they have†¦show more content†¦Goodwill is an organization in which people donate unwanted items for other people to buy at a lower cost than brand new items from a store. Not only can people help by donating but they can also help by buying items from the stores too. According to the organization’s Website, Goodwill is a non-profit organization that spends about eighty-three cents on every dollar they make on programs and services for those in need (â€Å"Think Before You Donate,† 2015, para. ). Goodwill not only benefits the community in which they are located in, but also on a national level all around the nation. Another nation-wide organization that several people participate in is Operation Christmas Child. This is one organization that is simple, not too costly, and still extremely effective for those who receive it. For those donating, it’s as simple as filling a shoebox with items for either a boy or a girl, marking it for a specific age group and dropping it off at a specified location. This organization mainly targets children whose parents cannot afford to give them presents or sometimes the necessities they need. These shoe boxes may be the only thing that a child receives around Christmas time. Taking a small amount of time out of the day and buying the items to fill the shoebox is just a small price to pay to help someone in need. Another nation wide organization that is simple to participate in is the Angel Tree Program. This program is usually highlyShow MoreRelatedHealth Partners Free Clinic Is An Agency That Can Help These Individuals948 Words   |  4 PagesPeople are living longer and the elderly population is gowing by leaps and bounds. In the years to come, this age group will face chronic illnesses. These individuals will need teaching on how to self-manage the sickness. Diabetes medications can cost a person up to $1,379 which is a lot of money for someone on a limited income. Twenty percent of people age 65 and older conveyed taking less prescriptions over the past couple of years (Bennett Flaherty-Robb, 2013). Health Partners Free ClinicRead MoreThe Greater Cleveland Food Bank828 Words   |  4 Pagesprofit food distribution organization that serves No rtheastern Ohio and was founded in 1979. The organization seeks to bring nutritious meals those that are most affected by hunger and poor nutrition in the region, such as low income families and elderly. The organization is headquartered on the eastern side of Cleveland, OH. 1 Statement of need, purpose, rationale Nutrition plays an important role in one’s health, an unhealthy diet can be a contributing factor for overall poor health. In fact, itRead MoreWorking With The Elderly Population1475 Words   |  6 Pagesyears in my life I knew that I had a passion to care for the elderly (aging) population. From this passion, it ignited a fire so strong that I pursue my certified nursing assistant certification to gain a better understanding of working with the elderly population. By doing so, it has been a great benefit to my life; aging is an inevitable experience that we all will go through during our life. It is important to ensure that our elderly individuals are still able to enjoy the best quality of lifeRead MoreWhy Voter Education Is Important1187 Words   |  5 Pagesits sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations. Please improve this article by introducing more precise citations. (May 2009) | Libraries are useful resources for adult learners. Adult education is the practice of teaching and educating adults. Adult education takes place in the workplace, through extension school (e.g. Harvard Extension) or school of continuing education (Columbia School of Continuing Education). Other learning places include community colleges, folk high schoolsRead MorePersonal Project Is Much More Than A Project783 Words   |  4 Pagesterm and long-term care facilities. Inquiring into the psychological connection between animals and people through animal therapy was a way to combine my interests in psychology and medicine with my new puppy. It was also personal because I have elderly grandparents who enjoy spending time with their pets and from personal experience I know how spending time with my dog can be a remedy for stress. Animal therapy is an ingenuitive way for animal owners to share the joy of pets with residents of facilitiesRead MoreSocial Work in Canada Essay1229 Words   |  5 Pagesfact. Educating the two groups on the value of the other is a great place to start. Once the awareness process is begun, many other useful tools can also be implemented. The â€Å"have† community is made up of a large proportion of retired people. This can be seen as a potential resource for volunteer labour. The retirement community in Canada makes up most of our volunteer hours and saves the tax payers millions of dollars in social programming (MacLean, M., 2002, SW 416 –Aging) Elderly personsRead MoreMy Career Goal Of Advance Practice Registered Nurse1615 Words   |  7 Pageseducation and conducting meetings with clients as needed to assist with self-management. Interacting with Medical Directors on Challenging cases, making referrals to outside sources and coordinating services as needed for home health, DME, etc. Educating members on disease processes and encouraging members to make healthy lifestyle changes according to Healthy People 2020 Objectives Grady Health System, Atlanta, GA Senior Charge RN, Nurse Manager and Educator (11/1991-12/2009) Highlights of Contributions:Read MoreThe Career Goal Of Advance Practice Registered Nurse1614 Words   |  7 Pageseducation and conducting meetings with clients as needed to assist with self-management. Interacting with Medical Directors on Challenging cases, making referrals to outside sources and coordinating services as needed for home health, DME, etc. Educating members on disease processes and encouraging members to make healthy lifestyle changes according to Healthy People 2020 Objectives Grady Health System, Atlanta, GA Senior Charge RN, Nurse Manager and Educator (11/1991-12/2009) Highlights of Contributions:Read MoreMy Life Of A Doctor925 Words   |  4 Pagesaffected my medical aspirations the most in this regard was shadowing doctors at the University of Minnesota hospital the summer after my freshman year of college. I went on rounds and talked through cases with physicians who were very supportive educating me on how the hospital as well as the illnesses operated. I enjoyed learning how doctors deliberate and decide to treat patients based on a wide range of information from test scores and CT scans to talking with the patients one-on-one. Through thisRead MoreCommunity Service By Robert Coles884 Words   |  4 Pagesjunior tutors in the ghetto, he teaches the children that there is a better life outside of the world they are currently living in, provided they study hard and receive a good education. The junior has a remarkable sense on what community service is, educating the youth as they are our future in society. The college junior doesn’t th ink people are completely aware of what some children go through by the time they’re thirteen or fourteen. He believes trying to teach them that furthering their education

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The Importance of Poetry Free Essays

Laura E. Smith Ms. Rachel MacNally English Honours 11th January 11th, 2012 The Importance of Poetry To each person, poetry has a varied significance and importance in their life. We will write a custom essay sample on The Importance of Poetry or any similar topic only for you Order Now Some people may value poetry highly while others may consider it as something of lesser importance. The importance of poetry in today’s literary society is substantially important because it has an ability to express the thoughts and emotions of a writer through flowing words. Throughout history, poetry has been important because it gives us a historical representation of what previous generations found beautiful, important, or profound. It can show us words and concepts from the past. Poetry can even depict historical events. Poets in the past may have written a poem after a big event had occurred and by reading their poems, we can see how the event affected everyday people. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said â€Å"Poetry, above any other art form, comes closest to fulfulling the goal of art. Art is the representation of the unrepresentable. Through language, space, and metaphor poetry is able to skirt the edges of capturing an ever changing world’s beauty and ugliness better than any other art form. Many people may ask themselves, is poetry closest to fulfilling the goal of art? The reason is because anyone can write it without being judged because there is a variety, and so many ways to write poetry. From free verse to haikus, structured poems to couplets, the sky is the limit. Anyone can write poetry because it is your ideas and emotions that you are letting flow onto a piece of paper. The variety of poems allows people to be able to fashion their own combinations for writing poetry and ultimately creating their own unique style. Its shortness can be a vehicle to convey an idea that longer pieces may not fully capture. Poetry captures the urgency of a moment in the life of the writer. The art of poetry has always surrounded us, ever since we were little children. We began by listening to our parents sing us Nursery Rhymes which at the end of the day are fun poems that we all remember. Communication is essential for life to continue. So the reading and writing of poetry is very involved with the interplay and dialogue between humans. Without poetry, life would be a very long lecture on morality. It is a way for young writers to let off steam and dream without being judged. It is also a way for an adult writer to express their madness, regrets, desires, aspirations and belief system. Poetry is the deep and powerful expression of the human condition; it encompasses all emotion, all modes of living; it can be mourning or celebration, song or scream, revelation or denial, acceptance or resistance,  and sometimes all of these at once. Poetry puts your observations, opinions, and even train of thought out in the open. Once people see how you think, they might have a feeling of why you say what you say, do what you do, or react like you do. This can prevent misunderstandings. Poetry can make it easier to step into the shoes of someone else. Due to this, poets are some of the first voices to protest social and political injustices; they are some of the first to mourn losses, cultural and personal; and they are some of the first to rejoice in the wonders of the living in and for the world. Unlike most forms of literature, poetry conveys more emotion than logical progression. It’s the origin of songs, and is an indispensable way to express one’s self since it is unbound by rules on grammatical clarity and precision. Poetry is perhaps one of the most versatile of literary forms since it can convey great emotion, lyrical aesthetic, and a story all at the same time. It is some sort of a midpoint between songs and stories. And yet for all its magic, poetry is found in our daily speech. It uses words that are known to all of us, but in a sequence and order that surprises us out of our normal speech rhythms and linear thought processes. Its effect is to illuminate our lives and breathe new life, new seeing, new tasting into the world we thought we knew. Poetry allows children and adults alike to explore the English language. Mixing words in sentences to find the right fit to create a sense of rhythm and flow. Poetry is real. Real people have written it to express real emotion that is normally hidden. Poets write to show that people have felt certain things before which someone else may be experiencing at another time. A poem allows you to see beyond the surface. Sometimes this is done through metaphors or other abstract ways which cause you to really think. Beauty is expressed, and art is emphasized through poetry. Finding and using words to fit exactly how you want them to takes time and thought. When people read poetry, they have a chance to really see the world with some of the bells and whistles stripped away; it lets them concentrate on the details which remain. Poems often describe life and illuminate aspects of it using flashes of imagery. Finally, poetry is a kind of multi-dimensional language. It is directed at the whole person, not just at his understanding. It must involve the reader’s senses, intelligence, emotions and imagination. Poetry achieves its extra dimensions per word by employing devices including metaphor, allusion, sound, repetition, rhythm, irony, symbol, connotation and imagery. Using these resources and the materials of life, poetry, in its highest form, comes alive on the page. Poetry is important because it tries to render things that aren’t easy to express in words. It does this by making use of attributes of language which aren’t commonly seen to instill deep thought and contemplation. In a sense, poetry uses words as doors to many possibilities. It carries our imaginations or stirs new dreams. Mainly, it extends the power of words to communicate. How to cite The Importance of Poetry, Papers

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Introduction to Indian Customs Duty Essay Example

Introduction to Indian Customs Duty Essay Custom Duty  is imposed under the  Indian Customs Act formulated in 1962  by the Constitution of India under the Article 265, which states that â€Å"no tax shall be levied or collected except by authority of law. So, theIndian Custom  Act was  introduced  that allow the Central Government to collect the taxes under the name of Custom Duty. Custom Duties are usually levied with ad valorem rates and their base is  determined  by the domestic value the  imported goods  calculated at the official  exchange rate. Similarly, export duties are imposed on export values expressed in domestic  currency.Export duties are levied occasionally to clear up excess profitability in  international price  of goods in respect of which domestic  prices  may be low at given time. But the  concept  of import duty is wide and almost universal, except for a few goods like food grains, fertilizer, life saving drugs and equipment etc. The Indian Customs Duties are major so urce of revenue for the Union Government and constitute around 30% of its   tax revenues. Together with  Central Excise duties, the contribution amount to nearly three-fourth of total tax revenue of the Union Government.Custom duty not only raises money for the Central Government but also helps the government to prevent the illegal  imports  and illegal  exports  of goods from India. The Central government has emergency powers toincrease  import or export duties whenever necessary after a  notification  in the session of Parliament. History of Indian Customs The Custom Duty in its present form dates back to 1786, when Bruisers formed the first Revenue Board in Calcutta. In 1808, a new  Trade Board  was introduced for  export and import of goods from India.Once again, in 1859 Customs Duties Act was introduced in which provincial import duties were replaced by uniform Tariff Act and was  applicable  to all Indian territories within the country. In the subse quent year several changes in the Custom Policy took places and are as follow: * Sea Customs Act was passed by Government in 1878. * Indian Tariff Act was passed in 1894. * Air Customs having been covered under the India Aircrafts Act of 1911, * Land Customs Act was passed in 1924. After Independence, the Sea Customs Act and other allied enactments were epealed by a consolidating and amending legislation entitled the  Customs Act, 1962  (CA). Similarly the Act of 1934 was repealed by theCustoms Tariff Act, 1975(CTA). Governing Body As per Section12 of the India Customs Act,  Custom Duty  is imposed on Goods, belonging to Government as well as goods not belonging to Government. Section 2(22), gives inclusive definition of ‘goods as Goods includes: Goods As per  Section12  of the India Customs Act, Custom Duty is imposed on Goods, belonging to Government as well as goods not belonging to Government.Section 2(22), gives inclusive definition of ‘goods as Goods includes: * Vessels, aircrafts and vehicles * Stores * Baggage * Currency and negotiable instruments and * Any other kind of movable property. Objectives of Custom Duties The customs duty is levied, primarily, for the following purpose: * Restricting Imports for conserving foreign exchange. * Protecting Indian Industry from undue competition. * Prohibiting imports and exports of goods for achieving the policy objectives of the Government. Regulating export. * Co-coordinating legal provisions with other laws dealing with foreign exchange such as  Foreign Trade Act,Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, Conservation of  Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Act,etc. Mode of Levy of Customs Duty Basically there are three modes of imposing Customs Duty: 1. Specific Duties:   Specific custom duty is a duty imposed on each and every  unit  of a commodity imported or exported. For example, Rs. 5 on each meter of cloth imported or Rs. 500 on each T.V. set imported. In this case, the value of commodity is not taken into consideration. 2. Advalorem Duties:  Advalorem custom duty is a duty imposed on the total value of a commodity imported or exported. For example, 5% of F. O. B. value of cloth imported or 10% of C. LF. value of T. V. sets imported. In case of Advalorem custom duty, the physical  units  of commodity are not taken into consideration. 3. Compound Duties:   Compound custom duty is the combination of specific and advalorem custom duties.In this case, the quantities as well as the value of the commodity are taken into consideration while computing tariff. For example, 5% of F. O. B. value plus, 50 paisa per meter of cloth imported. Decline in Customs Duty India’s  customs tariff rates  have been declining since 1991. The â€Å"peak† rate has come down from 150% in 1991-2 to 40% in 1997-98. The downward momentum was reversed the next year with the imposition of a surcharge. This momentum has resumed with the reduction of th e â€Å"peak† rate to 35% in 2001-2 and 30% in 2002-3